First Post/Photos

First Post/Photos

Well, this is fancy isn’t it?

This is my very first blog post!


My guinea pigs, Caramel and Nutmeg live in their spacious hutch outside, and they have a run in the garden that they spend at least 2 hours in every day, for grass and a run-about.

I have had my guineas for just under two months now. 

Caramel and Nutmeg came from Pets at Home and they were very tiny and scared when I first opened the little boxes they traveled in.

The day after they arrived!


Once I put them inside their new home, I let them settle in for 24 hours. This is to help them to cope with the sudden change of surroundings and the lesser number of guinea pigs. (They were from a group of about 6 piggies in the shop)

I also didn’t feed them any fresh veggies for a few days to help settle their tummies after the journey. Keeping them on the food they were originally on also helped, as it was familiar to them.

Caramel and Nutmeg have a healthy supply of Timothy Hay, food pellets and water.

I also give them fresh veggies twice a day and fruit once a week.




Until next time,

Detective Ultramarine



A few weeks ago I visited The Guinea Pig Ranch and met the lady who runs it.

There were roughly 80 guinea pigs in her care on that day, and all were well looked after and very happy. Hutches upon hutches, piggies of all shapes and sizes. It was a piggy lover’s heaven.

I saw about 8 female guineas in a large run, hopping about and nibbling on the grass.

I asked about the pigs’ backgrounds and the lady could answer in detail. She told me the ages and who were siblings or not.

I saw this little one that looked like a mini copy-and-paste version of Caramel, and she had a sister who looked so cute and fluffy. She had eyebrows that made her look so cantankerous, and her face was half tan-brown and half black. When I held her she was so small she fit in one hand perfectly.

There was an american short-hair that was ginger coloured and had a little white stripe up her nose (just like Caramel and Nutmeg have).

Clearly I was in need of more guineas!

So I chose the 9 month old ginger and the 18 week old cantankerous-eyebrows.

They didn’t enjoy the journey home very much and squawked constantly, but we got there in the end.

I set up the new hutch (that I had bought it a few weeks back) and popped them in to have a sniff around.





Some more photos!


New Hutch



Little blurry!
Who is she?



Name reveals will be soon!


Until next time,


(Three posts in one day!? That has to be a record.)

Surprise Present

Surprise Present

There is a lovely couple who I know, who recently sent me a Cath Kidston Guinea Pig apron!


Look at that! It even has pockets for art stuff.


My favourite piggie is this handsome little one with the bow-tie.


What a wonderful present!


Until next time,


Update: Caramel’s Shoulder

Update: Caramel’s Shoulder

So, following on from the last post…

After Caramel received the week of her medicine (Metacam) her shoulder wasn’t very much better, she was still limping and not wanting to put any weight on that leg. She also got very tired, but according to the medicine, lethargy was a common side affect.

We called the vets and asked them what we should do, and they told us to put her back on the Metacam for another week and keep her in the hutch so she doesn’t run or popcorn about and pull it even more.

So. Another week gone by, and although Caramel was very bored, her leg is all healed up and now she’s running about with Nutmeg in the run again! She still holds her leg up now and then, but that’s probably down to having built a habit of doing it all the time.

Until next time,


Caramel’s V-E-T visit…

Caramel’s V-E-T visit…

(First of all, don’t worry, she’s okay, nothing too serious happened.)


Three to four weeks ago I noticed Caramel was tentative about putting pressure on her front left leg.

She was eating and taking treats from me and wasn’t in any great pain, so I didn’t rush her to the v e t s. Roughly 24 hours later and it was all fine again. No biggie.


But on Friday I noticed it had come back (same leg) and was much worse. You could hear her hopping about heavily on only three legs, while lifting up the injured one and tucking it under her. Again, she was happily eating and taking treats. She never hid away from people in a dark corner, and her eyes were still bright.

I left it 24 hours like last time, and her leg got marginally better but Caramel still held it up off the floor. I contemplated over taking her to the v e t s, but left it overnight just in case it healed. This morning (Sunday) it was barely noticeably better, so we decided to take her to Vets4Pets.


The vet was very kind and calm, he held her gently and inspected her front legs carefully, comparing the good leg with the bad one. Somehow, Caramel managed to stay calm (except from puffing her nose indignantly at him) and didn’t panic, until he slowly stretched her injured leg and tested her shoulder. Then she let out peal after peal of squawks and other painful noises. She stopped after he finished checking her spine, but she tried desperately to get back inside her carrier (difficult when it’s closed).

The vet told us (my mother had come along too) that Caramel had probably strained her shoulder a bit, then it healed a bit and now she had strained it again.


I was given medicine to giver her once a day for a weak, and try and keep her as rested as possible. She can’t go out in the run or have the ladder in the hutch for a fortnight to avoid further straining. After the meds and rest time is over, she should be back to normal and the problem shouldn’t occur again. The good thing is she’s happy and doesn’t need to be separated from Nutmeg (who was rather puzzled by the whole ordeal).

I’ll update you on her leg when she comes off her medication.


Until next time,