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Update: Caramel’s Shoulder

Update: Caramel’s Shoulder

So, following on from the last post…

After Caramel received the week of her medicine (Metacam) her shoulder wasn’t very much better, she was still limping and not wanting to put any weight on that leg. She also got very tired, but according to the medicine, lethargy was a common side affect.

We called the vets and asked them what we should do, and they told us to put her back on the Metacam for another week and keep her in the hutch so she doesn’t run or popcorn about and pull it even more.

So. Another week gone by, and although Caramel was very bored, her leg is all healed up and now she’s running about with Nutmeg in the run again! She still holds her leg up now and then, but that’s probably down to having built a habit of doing it all the time.

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Naming the Piggies

Naming the Piggies

Naming guinea pigs, or other pets, can be an interesting experience.

Sometimes you just know, other times you have to think long and hard to get the name right.

On the drive back home after buying the piggies, I was thinking of names for my new pets. My mother suggested Honey for the cream coloured one, but I wasn’t too taken by it, as I don’t like honey. (not sure why, it just tastes weird to me)

After thinking about similar sweet syrups…

Toffee? No, I have a toy with that name.

Fudge? No, that’s been taken by another toy. (I collect soft toys, okay?)

I suddenly thought of caramel. My mother agreed with me that it fitted rather well. So that was Caramel’s rather instant naming story.

With the black, white and brown one, I was stumped. So was my mother, and when we arrived home the rest of my family couldn’t think of anything either.

I settled the pigs into their new home and went to bed still thinking about a suitable name for Caramel’s sister.

At about 10:00, I was almost asleep (I was very tired) when the spice known as nutmeg crossed my mind. I was up and writing it down instantly. Caramel and Nutmeg! It worked!

The next morning I told the family the pig’s name and they agreed that it worked with Caramel and suited the piggie herself.

There you go, the naming stories of my guinea pigs, Caramel and Nutmeg.

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A New Hope

A New Hope

Just to start of on the right page, this post has nothing to do with Star Wars vi other than a lazy joke…

So! It has been almost a year, and I’ve never really managed to get this blog off the ground. My piggies are looking at me, silently begging for treats as I type. Now they are satisfied I will carry on…

I have a new plan, one that helps keep this going and fits into my student life. This blog will be for cavy health a product reviews only. Caramel is looking for treats again…

What will change:

  • The layout will stay the same, but the logo (magnifying glass) and the background will change. Don’t worry, it’ll all still be blue!
  • The blog posts will be short, but regular.
  • There will be links to the products in the reivew posts, so you can find them and try them on your pigs too!
  • There will be tips on cavy care for new piggy owners, because it’s always nice to know what to do if you’re stuck! (I had my friend’s blog to help me when I started out)

The old posts will NOT be deleted, but they will all have “old post” in the title, in brackets like this: (old post)

Some unpublished posts will be posted regardless of the time of year and also labled as old posts, so I can really start afresh!

Just for a recap, I live in the UK and my two piggies (Caramel and Nutmeg) live outdoors in a rather grand hutch all year round.


See you next time,